The Best Things to Bring Back from the Bahamas

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If you are planning an air charter to the Bahamas, bring back the best of what the islands have to offer. These goods are locally-made, produced, and sold, so they make the perfect souvenirs for anyone spending time in this tropical locale.

The best things to bring back from your trip to the Bahamas are:

Rum. If you know anything at all about the islands, it is probably that they are famous for their rum. While there are numerous varieties and brands available, the local rums are often sweeter and spicier than what you might find back in the states. Customs allows you to bring back one-liter per person- two in Canada- before a tax is imposed.

Textiles. There are some unique textiles in the Bahamas that you may want to bring back for your sewing or crafting projects. You can also find fabrics in linens, bedding, and floor coverings at discounted prices. Organic bamboo is found widely in the islands and it makes soft and sumptuous bedding and apparel.

Vanilla extract. Vanilla bean is a local crop in the Bahamas, so vanilla extract is something else that this region is known for. You may find it a lot cheaper than what you would expect in a grocery store, and vendors often sell it on the street. Look for extract that is distilled in rum, for an even more tasty product.

Lime juice. You can't bring produce into the country, so it might seem that you will miss out on the bounty of limes in the Bahamas. However, you can bring back bottled lime juice, sold with spices and extracts, which will give your cooking and beverages a tropical flair.

Knock-offs. If you want high-end brands at budget prices, you will find a lot of knock-offs in the Bahamas. Many stores and merchants sell bags, clothing, and perfume that looks, feels, and smells like the real thing, but that is usually a knock-off of a designer brand.

Rum cake. You can't go to the Bahamas and not bring back a rum cake. These liqueur-soaked treats are popular in the islands and make an excellent thank-you gift for those tending your home, your kids, or your business back home.

Woven grass artifacts. Others cool souvenirs from the Bahamas are the woven grass artifacts made by local craftspeople. It is common to see hats, mats, and figures made by merely weaving and molding pliable, native grasses.

Travel light on your trip to the Bahamas, as you are going to want to save room for these local goods and souvenirs. These items make excellent gifts for those left at home, and will bring a bit of the tropics to those that you care about.