4 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus For Your Next Corporate Retreat

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Organizing a business retreat, trip, or event for a group of people can be nerve-wracking. A lot of times, your company has invested a significant amount of money in the activity, and you need to get a dozen or more people there, all at once, ready to engage in whatever is planned. Consider renting a charter bus to solve some transportation problems right away, so that you can concentrate on making your corporate event a success! Here are 4 reasons why charter buses are better than using cars for transportation to business events.

1.) No Car Caravans

It can be problematic to have even one car following another for any real distance, so imagine the stress of trying to keep a car caravan of five or six vehicles (or more) together on the road.

You have to deal with all different types of drivers, and keeping the group together will often require lengthy stops at rest stations or truck stops while the stragglers catch up with the rest of the group. If there's someone that needs to make an unscheduled bathroom stop, or one vehicle burns through fuel faster than the others, you have to hope you can get the phone call out to all the drivers in time, or your group gets split up.

By the time you get everyone to your destination, car drivers and passengers alike can be frustrated, tired, and in no mood to participate in anything until they've had a chance to de-stress from the road. In addition, if you decide to use a car caravan you'll probably have to:

  • decide who is riding in what car (and who can't stand to sit together)
  • choose drivers (and hope you pick safe ones)
  • reimburse mileage after the event
  • reimburse gas receipts after the event

All of that gets eliminated if you rent a charter bus instead.

2.) Less Wasted Road Time 

If you use a charter bus for your corporate retreat, you can start the event while you're still on the road. People can move around, learn names and unfamiliar faces, and give have the chance to interact socially with each other a little. You can start a presentation, or hold mini-meetings, or even engage people in a game designed to build partnerships.

When you travel by auto, travel time is mostly wasted time at both ends of the retreat, and robs your business of an opportunity to make use of that time both before and after the main events.

3.) Bathrooms And Other Comforts

Most charter buses give you wide seats and comfortable leg room, plus you can get up and stretch if you need to, without stopping. But the number one comfort for many is that, if you rent a bus with a bathroom, the need to use rest stops along the road is eliminated. If you're in a car caravan, you have to plan for bathroom breaks, and that means subjecting everyone to public rest stops, truck stops, and restaurant bathrooms, where the hygiene may be somewhat questionable.

4.) Eco-Friendly

If your company strives to maintain "green" practices like recycling and reducing paper use, you can continue your efforts by renting a charter bus for your event, rather than asking people to drive their own cars.

Charter buses use less fuel per person than passenger cars, and a passenger car with only one person in it emits 89 pounds of CO2 gases, while a full bus emits only 14 pounds. In addition, around 32% of U.S. buses use alternative power through hybrid or electric technology.

The next time you're organizing a group event for your business, consider taking advantage of a charter bus rental from a company like Barrington Transportation Co, rather than opting for private transportation. Charter bus rentals can not only make a corporate event easier to coordinate, they make it possible to utilize your time more productively, are comfortable, and ecologically friendly.