3 Tips To Make The Most Of Your First Wine Tour

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Having an extensive knowledge of wines is often a trait associated with a prestigious background. Participating in a wine tour can be an excellent way to learn more about the wines produced in your area while getting to know others who enjoy wine as well.

A wine tour can be intimidating for the first-time participant, but here are three simple tips you can use to help ensure you feel at ease as you take your first wine tour in the future.

1. Brush up on the lingo

One of the reasons that wine tastings can be so intimidating is because wine aficionados have their own language to describe the wine tasting experience. If you want to feel like less of an outsider on your first wine tour, it can be beneficial to brush up on some of the lingo that might be used to describe the wines you will be tasting.

Knowing the difference between a rich wine and a lean wine, or knowing that the aroma of a particular wine is referred to as the nose will allow you to more confidently interact with others on your wine tour.

2. Learn what to look for before arriving

If you are new to wine tasting, it can be beneficial to cheat a bit before your first wine tour by looking up what to expect from the wine you will be tasting. A wine is typically described using five key elements: dryness or sweetness, acidity, tannin, oak, and fruit.

By checking the vineyard's website for a description of the wine you will be sampling before you arrive, you will be able to know what to look for as you sip the wine. This prior knowledge can help you feel more confident until you skill in identifying the five elements on your own fully develops through subsequent tours.

3. Make use of the dump bucket

Since you will likely be sampling a few varieties of wine on your tour, you will want to avoid becoming intoxicated before the tasting is complete. Although you might feel silly spitting out your wine, making use of the dump bucket provided by the vineyard can help you enjoy more wines during your tour.

It's okay to swallow the first sip to feel how the wine goes down, but you should use the dump bucket to dispose of the rest of the glass to avoid premature intoxication during your first wine tour.

Making your first wine tour a success doesn't have to be difficult. Learn the lingo, do some research before the event, and use the dump bucket freely to ensure your first wine tasting experience is a positive one. For more information, contact companies like Ambassador Limousine.