Family Vacation Time! 4 Tips To Help You Choose A Kid-Friendly Vacation Home

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Summer is finally here. It's time to find a vacation home to rent. If you're going to be vacationing with your kids, the task of finding a kid-friendly vacation rental may seem like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. Here are four things you should look for when choosing a vacation rental for your family.

Choose Bedrooms Wisely

If your kids are small, it might not matter if you choose a one-bedroom rental. However, if your children are older, they may have a problem sleeping in the living room, or worse yet, sharing a room with you. If your kids are old enough to want their own room, make sure you rent a vacation home that has at least two bedrooms. As an added bonus, making sure your kids have their own rooms will allow you to use the living room for a late night getaway for you.

Consider the Meal Choices

If you plan on preparing home-cooked meals for your kids while you're on vacation, you'll want a full-size kitchen in your rental. A full-size kitchen will provide you the space you need to prepare meals without feeling cramped. However, if you plan on taking advantage of your vacation status by eating out for the majority of your meals, you may prefer to choose a kitchenette. A kitchenette will provide you the space you need to prepare things like bottles – if you have a baby – without taking up space that you could use for other family-oriented activities.

Choose Child-Friendly

When it comes to choosing a family vacation rental, wording matters – a lot. Before you decide on a rental, make sure the home is child-friendly, not just baby-proof. Child-friendly means that the home has been rented to families with children before and the neighborhood is friendly to kids. Baby-proof merely means there are locks on the cupboards and toilets. You're going to be vacationing with your kids. Make sure the home and the neighbors are family-friendly.

Consider the Laundry

Your kids are going to get dirty while you're on vacation. If you're going to be on an extended vacation, you're not going to want to recycle dirty laundry, or find a laundromat. Make sure the vacation rental you choose has a laundry room. This will allow you to keep you and your kids clean while you're vacationing. It will also save you from sitting in a laundromat while you're supposed to be relaxing.

If you're going on vacation with your kids, make sure you choose your vacation rental wisely. The tips provided here will help you choose a family-friendly, kid-friendly rental. If you have more questions or want to book a vacation rental home, contact a realtor like those at Pocono Properties Realty.