3 Exciting Things To Do While Touring Catalina Island

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Are you thinking of something to do while you are vacationing in California? You might want to consider taking a cruise to Catalina Island, as it is located off of the coast of California and has plenty of tourist attractions that you can enjoy. Take a look at a few of the things that you can do if you take a cruise to Catalina Island during your visit to California.

1. Go On a Shopping Adventure

Take a stroll along Crescent Avenue to explore the numerous shops while you are touring Catalina Island. If you are looking to take souvenirs back home to your family and friends, you can browse shops that sell hats, t-shirts, and other items that have the Catalina Island logo on them. You also have the option of browsing art stores with paintings that were created by famous artists from around the world. If you love shopping for clothes and accessories, there are various apparel shops for you to choose from. You can even pick up a few supplies to spend time on the beach so you won't have to worry about carrying them along on the cruise to the island.

2. Take a Boat Ride to Explore Marine Life

There are various boat tours that you can enjoy on Catalina Island, including taking a ride on a boat that has a glass bottom. The glass bottom of the boat will give you the opportunity to see marine life up-close without having to go snorkeling. You can also get a good look at marine life by taking a ride in a semi-submersible vessel. If you don't mind fishing jumping out of the water and possibly landing in the boat, you might enjoy going on a flying fish boat ride as well.

3. Enjoy Wildlife On a Hummer Tour

Relax inside of a Hummer as a tour guide takes you high above Catalina Island on a drive through rugged terrain. On the way up, you will enjoy a fresh breeze because the Hummer is not covered by a roof. The road up the terrain is also aligned with eucalyptus trees that are appealing to look at. Once you reach the very top of the terrain, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Catalina Island, including the sandy beaches, canyons, trees, and clear ocean water. Speak to a travel agent to start planning your trip to Catalina Island.

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