Going River Rafting? Use These Tips To Help You Stay Safe

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River rafting is an exhilarating activity that is enjoyed by people all over the globe.  Braving the rushing waters while being tossed to and fro can make you feel like you're on a great adventure, and can also help you form deeper bonds with your friends, who will be your partners as you battle the waters.  However, although river rafting is definitely a recipe for fun, it should be entered into with an eye toward remaining safe.  Use these tips to learn more about how to make your rafting experience a safe one.

Prepare To Be Ejected From The Boat

One of the first things you should do in preparation for your rafting event is to expect to be ejected from the boat.  Your raft will be maneuvering through insanely fast waters, and will likely come into contact with large rocks.  Although you may try to bare down and keep your seating, there's a strong possibility that you will eventually fall out of the boat.

If this happens, the most important thing to do is stay calm.  This is not the time to panic, since fear will only cause you to do something that could be dangerous.  Instead of panicking, try to grab hold onto the lines of rope on the sides of the raft.  Someone from the boat will throw out the Outside Safety Lines (OSL's) that are on the die of the boat so that they can pull you back in.  If you're still not able to get back into the boat, assume a seated position, with your legs and feet straight in front of you as if you're leaning back in a recliner.  This will put you in the perfect position to be carried by the waters downstream, so you can rejoin your party there.

Be Sure To Wear Sunscreen

Another tip to help your rafting day be more enjoyable is to remember to wear sunscreen.  You'll be rafting downstream, so that means you'll be starting at a higher altitude.  This puts you closer to the sun, so even if you aren't the kind of person who normally burns easily, your day could be completely ruined if you started to burn and couldn't quite deal with the pain.

Your day on the waters could prove to be one of the most memorable ones yet.  Keep these tips in mind so you can make a pleasant memory that you'll recall with a smile.