Using A Taxi Service During A Bachelor Weekend

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If you are getting married in the near future and you have planned a weekend bachelor getaway with some of your wedding party and family members, you will need to think about transportation for a large group while away. Using a taxi service makes sense as it has several benefits over renting vehicles when arriving at your destination. Here are some reasons to consider when deciding which type of transportation you will provide for your entourage while away.  

Knowing You Won't Be Stranded

Call a taxicab service in the area you are visiting in advance to make an arrangement to pick up your wedding party guests from the airport. Since you may have guests coming from different areas, several vehicles may need to be reserved. Go over the information again with the taxi service a day before your arrival to make sure everything is set. Ask the service to have each driver hold up a sign with the last name of the party they are picking up to make it easier for your wedding party to find their ride when their flight arrives.

Saving Money For Activities

Instead of having to pay expensive rental vehicle and gas costs, save the money for activities you and your wedding party will enjoy. The taxi service (such as can pick everyone up from the hotel and bring them to a sporting event, a concert, or a casino and drop everyone off right in front of the facility instead of having your wedding party look and pay for parking. Arrange for the cab to come back to pick everyone up to go back to the hotel.

Getting Around With Ease

There are no driving hassles when you leave the worry to the taxicab driver. Your wedding party will enjoy being able to converse and catch up with each other in their cab while getting to their destination without incident. There is no risk of getting lost as your cab driver will be familiar with the area and you will not need to worry about construction or detours. There is also the relief that you will not be scrambling to come up with change to pay for a toll unexpectedly. This charge would be added to your taxi fare instead. 

If a few people feel like staying out later than others, they can simply call for another cab and let the rest of the wedding party go back to the hotel. Everyone will feel at ease knowing they can have some cocktails without worrying about who will be the designated driver. This allows everyone in the wedding party to enjoy themselves.