Need A Ride To The Airport? 4 Services That Can Meet Your Needs

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If you need a ride to the airport, your options aren't as limited as you may think. Several types of car services can take you where you need to go. Knowing all of your options can help you decide based on style, availability, and/or price of the service. Here are 4 types of car services that you can call for a ride.


If you have an image to uphold, a limousine can take you to the airport in style. Limousines can usually hold between 6 and 10 people comfortably depending on the size you rent. If you're heading to the airport with several people, you want to ensure there is enough room to hold all of the luggage comfortably. If you need your privacy during your ride, a limo is your best option. The privacy window will allow you to be alone with your fellow passenger(s), work, or whatever else you need.


A taxi service is a simple and common way to get where you need to go. You can call a taxi at the last minute, or schedule one hours in advance to ensure one is available. A taxi charges a pickup fee that varies depending on how far away you are. Next, you will be charged their rate per mile.

Ride-sharing Service

If you're traveling on a budget, a ride-sharing service may be the way to go. There are several apps and websites that allow you to find one available in your area. With a ride-sharing service, members who live in the area sign up to drive people around in their personal vehicle for extra income. You can request the car size you need, such as a compact car or SUV, or just request the soonest available.

Airport Shuttle

If you are heading home from a trip, an airport shuttle is free and simple. Airport shuttles tend to run from hotels near the airport. While shuttles are free, they have their drawbacks. For one, they won't make unscheduled stops. You can't call a shuttle and ask to be picked up from a different location. They also run on a specific time schedule. Some may run every 15 minutes, while others may run on the hour. If you aren't in a hurry and strapped for cash, a shuttle is the way go if one picks up at your hotel.

If you're taking a trip, there is no reason to stress about a rental car you'll hardly use or inconvenience friends for a ride. You can call a limo to ride in style for extra privacy, or take a shuttle for free if you have the time. For more information, contact a car service in the area.